Your Nine Essentials Checklist

Joel WhiteBy Joel White on 27th Nov 2020
Your Nine Essentials Checklist

Setting up your Nine store is very much like going on holiday.

It’s a very exciting time, it’s something you’ve waited a long time for, and all your friends will be very jealous.

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t begin to pack for a holiday without my checklist, which I’m sure is saved somewhere deep down in my notes.

So in true holiday fashion (because it’s 2020 and this is the closest thing you’ll be getting to holiday), I’ve gone ahead and created a Nine checklist just for you.

This will walk you through everything you should have before launching your Nine store.

1. Business Name

If you’re only starting up, it’s important to find a killer business name. Something that makes you stand out from the crowd, and is also on-brand with what you’re selling.

When signing up, add your business name when asked for ‘store name’.

From here, you will automatically be generated a Nine URL with your business name.

2. Logo

If you haven’t got a logo yet- don’t panic! This could be as simple as your business name in a nice font from Google Fonts, or you could use a logo generator website like Tailor Brands.

3. Find your colours at colour code finder

If you’re not sure what your brand colours are, you can use websites like colour code finder to allow you to find the exact colour code.

Your primary colour will be the colour of the text boxes on your store and your secondary colour will be your store’s button colours.

4. Stripe

If you’re not entirely sure what Stripe is, it’s basically a multi-billion dollar financial software company based in San Francisco.

We use Stripe to process your payments because of how secure it is. We know that with Stripe, your money is in good hands, and it keeps everyone as safe as possible.

When creating your store you will be prompted to connect a Stripe account. You can connect your already existing account, but if you don’t have one, you will be able to do so through your Nine store.

5. Product pictures

Make sure to have beautiful product pictures ready to add. Here are some tips for taking your photos:

  • Use a white background
  • Don’t use flash
  • Don’t zoom in

6. Perfect your copy

Is there anything worst than being bombarded with information? We think not.

This is why Nine is designed in such a minimalist style.

It’s impossible to add too much information. But that does mean that you need to make every word count!

7. Add your social links

A great way to create loyal customers is to turn them into members of your community.

When they’re on your store, drive them to become followers of your social media platforms by adding your social links.

8. Your pricing

Remember to work out your prices for all of your products, both the one-offs and recurring options.

Also, remember to consider the cost of delivery and additional fees of selling online when creating your prices.

9. Share it everywhere!

Having a Nine store is amazing, but if no-one knows about it, then what’s the point?

It’s time to do some marketing to get your store in front of as many people as possible.

Share the link on all of your social platforms (personal and business), share it with your family, ask them to share it with their friends, ask your followers to share it with their family and their social media followers.

You get the point.

Tell everyone and anyone. (Sure, why not also tell them about how easy it was to set up on Nine while you're at it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Good luck

We didn’t number this point because it's not part of the essentials list- you don't need luck.

You’ve already got everything you need.

So, go and turn your dream business into a reality- we believe in you.

If you need anything, give us a shout!

Thanks for reading,

The Nine team ✌️