The easiest way to sell subscription products.

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How it works…

Customizing your store is easy!


No BS, you can set up your subscriptions page in under 9 minutes, as simple as creating your next social media profile.

Add your logo, a bio, and you even get to throw in your own brand colours to really make your store pop ✨
Using our visual store builder is super easy!
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Pricing options


Pick your top 9 products that you want to sell as subscriptions.

Add prices for weekly, monthly, yearly, you choose.
Buyers can select from the options you’ve added.
Add some snazzy images and up to two variants per product.
Example of Cala Belfast store

Sell 🚀

Have the champagne on hand, because in about 9 minutes you’ll be launching the brand new store you and your customers have been waiting for.

Get ready for:

One of the fastest checkouts around, thanks to Apple and Google Pay support.
Automatic subscription collection and failed payment retries.
Customers can self-manage their subscriptions, keep their card details and shipping address up to date.

Why Nine?

Compared to other platforms you can set up your store at warp speed.

You don’t need to be Bill Gates to use it, your Granny probably already has a store running.

Those feels when you start getting recurring revenue with subscriptions.

Try it for yourselfNo credit card required.


Flexible pricing whether you are a side-hustlin’ rockstar or adding subscriptions to your successful store.




Pricing excludes Stripe fees

Up to 9 products

2% transaction fee per order

Product categories

Create your store

No credit card required


$499Setup fee

Pricing excludes Stripe fees

Up to 99 products

Negotiable transaction fee

Product categories

Create your store

No credit card required


We use Stripe to process card payments, Apple Pay and Google Pay. All payments land directly into a Stripe account of your choosing — you can securely connect your Stripe account when you set up your store.