#9 reasons to create a Nine store

Joel WhiteBy Joel White on 27th Nov 2020
#9 reasons to create a Nine store

Selling online has never been more exciting.

We’ve seen a decade’s worth of digital growth, in a number of months.

Your opportunities online are limitless!

Well, that’s not entirely true. Your opportunities are limited to your e-commerce platform.

Obviously, some are more limited than others, and in different ways.

So, how do you even begin to decide on which one is best for you?

In this article, we want to tell you the 9 best things about nine, and why you should sign up.

Why nine

#1 - Simplicity

As we mention on our website, it’s so simple, your Granny probably already has a Nine store set up.

It’s the easiest way to create an online store.

No need for code, design, unnecessary details.

Just simple selling.

#2 - We’re faster than fast

It takes minutes to set up a Nine store.

Don’t believe me? Make your own store now (you can do this for free, without launching).

A few of our customers timed themselves and we had times ranging from 14 minutes to 23 minutes.

And the checkout? Yea it’s fast too, using Apple or Google pay.

#3 - Style

It looks really good. Clean, vibrant and all-round aesthetically pleasing

Like imagine Vougue does an e-commerce platform.

#4 - Subscriptions in seconds

Nine enables you to set up and sell products on a subscription, or one-off model.

This is one of the biggest features that sets Nine apart from all of its competitors.

The opportunity this gives local businesses to grow is huge.

The potential for revenue compounds each month, making everything more predictable and certain. A must-have feature for any business, only from Nine.

#5 - Cheap as chips

We all know the excitement of wanting to set up a business… for 5 minutes until you begin to realise it’s an expensive hobby.

Not with Nine.

The basic plan that allows you to start selling is $9/month. (Okay, you would be expecting pretty good chips for $9)

An extremely affordable option to launch your subscription business.

#6 - Social selling

Right now, it couldn’t be easier to sell to a global audience with social media being at the forefront of every business.

Simply copy and paste the link to your nine store into your social media accounts, and you're ready to turn your followers into paying subscribers.

#7 - No more passwords

Yes, this sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out.

Every time you enter your email address to sign in, you’re automatically sent a two-factor authentication.

No need to enter that same password you use for every single account- we got you covered.

#8 - Customer-friendly

Nine is the platform your customers have been waiting for.

One place to manage all of their subscriptions with independent retailers.

#9 - Secure as Stripe

Trust a small exciting company with your business’ money? No thank you.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the San Francisco-based, multi-billion dollar financial software company, Stripe.

We’ve also gone one step further and became official Stripe partners.

There are more reasons…

But to be on brand, we have to stop at Nine.

Find out more now by making your own store. (It’s free to create your store)

Let us know what you think of it by emailing us, or dropping us a message on social media.